FAQs - Commercial

How do Air -Vac technician clean the ducts?
Air duct cleaning by Air-Vac Services. After successfully connecting our suction hose to your HVAC system we seal all vent openings with a low tack tape. By maintaining a tight seal throughout the air duct system the maximum suction is acquired. Our next step is to send our compressed air agitation lines from the vents down to the main air plenums starting from the furthest point away from the HVAC system. Now our technicians will drill 1" access holes strategically along the main air plenums and use these holes as access points for our compressed air whip. The whip system used is more aggressive than any brush system on the market and reaches all corners of the ductwork. All dust and debris is worked back to our 10" vacuum hose that is drawing upwards of 12,000 cfm and out to the suction truck.

How long does the whole cleaning process take?

Duct cleaning for an average office can take between 4 and 8 hours. Larger offices may take a longer. Each site has specific needs and the time required is unique to each site. Air-Vac will stay as long as it takes to complete your job before moving on to the next.

Is the air duct cleaning process dirty?

The cleaning process is quite clean. Minimal dust will escape the system while cleaning is in progress. Dust from outside to ductwork can be agitated and become airborne during the cleaning progress, especially from the top of the ductwork. One of our biggest challenges in an office environment is the crumbling and dust on top of the T-bar ceiling tiles. An Air-Vac technician will vacuum any dust and debris that has fallen.

Will the technician remove the diffusers & grills?

To be successful at cleaning your forced air system access is key. The first access point for cleaning is the supply grills or diffusers. If our cleaning line cannot make it past the grill of diffuser in place it should be removed for cleaning. The grills & diffusers will be washed, dried and reinstalled as part of our complete cleaning.

Does duct cleaning remove dust mites?

Dust mites do not actually live in the air duct system, but if there are any in the system our high-powered cleaning equipment will remove them. Dust mites may exist throughout your home in all kinds of nooks and crannies.

Do I have to leave the office during the cleaning process?

At Air-Vac Services we choose to do the air duct cleaning after hours. Air duct cleaning is a quite intrusive process (ladders, air line, vacuum lines etc.) in an office environment, therefore performing this cleaning when an active business is operating is challenging for both parties.