Residential Furnace & Air Ducts

Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning
If your home is equipped with a central, forced-air heating system, a furnace that distributes warm air to each room through a series of heating ducts and vents. This ductwork is susceptible to accumulation of dust, dirt and debris. Furnace Air Duct cleaning in residential dwellings should be performed at least once every 3 years.

Cleaning Procedure:

The fan is removed from the furnace or sheet metal access panel installed. A 10" vacuum hose from our truck is inserted into the opening. The opening around the 10" vacuum hose is sealed and all hot and cold air vents are sealed. Agitation devices are then inserted down each register. One inch access holes are strategically placed along the main air plenums so our air whip system can agitate all the interior of the ductwork for a complete system cleaning.

Our specially trained technician will open the furnace to access the main components to be cleaned. Each of these components, if available, will be cleaned.

  • Fan – air washed and wiped with degreaser and rags
  • Burners – blown out with compressed air and vacuum
  • Flue - blown out with compressed air and vacuum
  • Filter – replacement of common sizes that are in stock on the truck
  • Belts – replaced at extra cost (quote will be provided if necessary)

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    Typical Heat Recovery Ventilator