Garbage Chute Cleaning

            - 3500 p.s.i. Pressure washer
            - 4-jet pressure washer nozzle
            - Odor-absorbing chemical
            - Ladders
            - Scrapers
            - Containment devices

            - Remove bin from bottom of chute
            - Scrape the build up from chute bottom
            - Scrape inside openings to remove any buildup. Then spray odor-absorbing
               chemical through all chute openings (inside doors, up and down chute)
            - Seal openings with adhesive tape
            - Insert 4-jet pressure washer nozzle down ductwork to flush out the odor absorbing chemical
            - Pressure wash build up on chute bottom, splash plate and walls
            - Pressure wash floor into drain

Why do I need Garbage Chute Cleaning?

  • Odours are reduced.
  • Insects, bacteria and other microorganisms are killed.
  • Rodents and other pests reduced.

    Custom designed equipment and process: Interior surfaces of the chute are treated with a biodegradable enzyme/degreasing/deodorizing chemical and high heat pressure washed at 3200 PSI at 200+ degrees.

    Pricing depends on the size of the building and the number of garbage chutes doors to clean and the amount of contaminate build up. We will be happy to provide a quote.